We're pleased that you have found our site. We hope to tell you about our church and even persuade you to visit our wonderful town.

We are blessed with our ancient and beautiful Parish Church. It is not only a beautiful building to be admired but it is also the heart of our community. We have frequent services and the church family is very active and welcoming. 

Christian worship in Kirkby Stephen can be traced back to the early Viking settlers in the area who were early converts to Christianity around 1,200 years ago. To find more information on the history and development of the Church, click on the "History" link above. 

We try to combine the traditions of the church - we have sung Matins on the second Sunday of each month - with more light hearted events. Recently we had a competition to complete a limerick the first line of which was, "There was an old vicar from Brough...". There were several 'interesting' and very witty entries.

Members of the congregation run several different groups which meet regularly. These range from Bible Studies through to our Vicar Carole's "Gun Club"??????

Included in our benefice are the churches of St Mary's in Mallerstang valley and St Andrew's in Crosby Garrett. We hope to add information about these active churches shortly.

​​ Retirement of our Priest in Charge

Our Rector, Revd Cannon Carole Marsden has now retired - yet again. We had a wonderful luncheon to celebrate the event. A couple of photographs are attatched below.

We hope that our congregations will see very little difference in the functioning of the church. The wardens will now take on the backgound work but our team of Clergy will continue to take services as they always have.

The inteviews for the new Rector have taken place and the announcement of the new Rector is immanent.

​Watch this space ......